Parasailing on Lake Erie from Cedar Point Marina

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Take a break from the action of riding roller coasters and thrill rides and sail high above Lake Erie.  North Coast Parasail & Jet Ski, located on the Cedar Point Beach, offers rentals and parasail rides during Cedar Point’s operating season.

All hours are weather permitting.  Please call 440-315-3478 if weather is questionable or windy.

Special Offers

  • May 28 - 30: 9:45am – 7pm
  • May 31 – June 10: 10:45am – 6pm
  • June 11 – August 21: 9:45am – 7pm
  • August 22 – September 2: 10:45am – 6pm
  • September 3 – September 5: 9:45am – 7pm

Dates and hour subject to change with weather conditions.

Weather permitting. Please call 440.315.3479 to updated information.

  • Super Deluxe: $130. Approximately 10-12 minutes with 800 ft. of tow line. Includes t-shirt or waterproof phone case and action photo.
  • Regular: $115. Approximately 8-10 minutes with 500 ft. of tow line.
  • Observer: $25. Ride in the boat – subject to availability.

Special offers must be purchased at least one day in advance of ride time. If purchasing within one day, please call 419-627-2279 to make your reservation.

  • For parasailing you must weigh at least 100 pounds to go by yourself. If you weigh less than 100 pounds, you must be accompanied by another person.
  • Doubles weighing more than 270 pounds combined will only fly if wind conditions allow for safe flights.
  • Cedar Point admission is not required, but a parking fee may apply. Book in advance online to receive free parking.
  • Please complete online waiver.