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100 Reasons to Have a Season Pass

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100 Reasons to have a Season Pass to Cedar Point
100 Reasons to have a Season Pass to Cedar Point

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Why Should You Have a Season Pass to Cedar Point?

Here are our 100 favorite reasons!

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Blast Into the Future In Planet Snoopy Melt Bar & Grilled Coming to Cedar Point New Bottle Free Season Pass Drink Plan Iron Dragon: Virtual Reality Returns to Cedar Point
Chill Out with $1 Sundaes during Sundaes and Slides and Cedar Point Shores Cool Off at Cedar Point Shores Enjoy the All-New Family Splashground Lakeslide Landing Brave the Nearly Vertical Free Fall of Point Plummet
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Coaster Thrills

1. A true classic - Blue Streak!
2. Catching big air when Raptor takes you wherever it pleases!
3. Cedar Creek Mine Ride- test your limits with the signature helix whirlwind ending!
4. Choosing blue or red on the Gemini!
5. Corkscrew - the first coaster in history to invert riders three times over the course of its run!
6. Millennium Force - So huge, it created a whole new category – the GIGA-coaster!
7. Pipe Scream- Spinning and coasting on over 300 feet of track!
8. Swooping down toward the Cedar Point Lagoon on the Iron Dragon!
9. The double-twisting impulse coaster; the one… the only... Wicked Twister!
10. The floorless Rougarou; a first at Cedar Point!
12. The Twisted Horseshoe Roll on Maverick!
13. Valravn- the king of all dive coasters; Dare 2 Dive 214 feet at a 90-degree angle, traveling at speeds up to 75 mph!
14. Want to see Canada on a clear day? Magnum XL-200, the first coaster over 200' is where it's at!
15. Zero to 120 MPH in less than 4 seconds on Top Thrill Dragster!

Exciting Entertainment

16. NEW IN 2017! Cedar Point’s award-winning live entertainment continues its legacy with the debut of “Lights, Camera, Action!” in the Jack Aldrich Theatre. This show will immerse guests in famous movie music from black-and-white features to today’s cinematic greats.
17. Ride maXair as much as you want!
18. Amazing performers belting out your favorite country hits at Totally Live – This Country Rocks!
19. Luminosity, a massive celebration with live music, aerialists, musicians and more!
20. Lusty Lil's Revue- Join Lil and her crew for some fabulous musical fun!
21. Summer performances by local high school marching bands throughout the summer!

Family Fun

22. NEW IN 2017! On the big stage in Celebration Plaza, everyone’s favorite Peanuts friends come together for PEANUTS Perfect Day in this larger-than-life celebration. Perfect for families, guests can sing along to popular music and meet the characters after the show.
23. Funtime Frolics - A musical party with Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus and their friend JT!
24. Sing along with Snoopy and some of his friends at Snoopy's Sing-A-Long!
25. Wilderness Run- the backwoods of Camp Snoopy with kid-friendly hills and turns!
26. NEW IN 2017! Animals, animals, animals, at The Barnyard... Curtis the Cow would love to see you! Pet even more animals in 2017 with the addition of a Yak, more camels, and additional surprises!
27. Blasting into the future in Planet Snoopy!
28. Family adventures through Camp Snoopy!
29. Memory making for guests of all ages!
30. Selfies with Snoopy and the PEANUTS!
31. The Old West - FrontierTown!
32. The Great Pumpkin Fest at HalloWeekends!
33. The zippy ride through hills, turns, and curves for parents and kids on Woodstock Express!
34. Perfecting your Skeeball skills in one of the park's three arcades!
35. Trying your luck at Plinko near Millennium Force!

Feasts & Treats

36. NEW IN 2017! An Ohio favorite, Melt Bar & Grilled is bringing its signature, over-the-top gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches to the midway. Located near Planet Snoopy, Melt’s ninth location features a full-service bar and a Cedar Point-exclusive sandwich.
37. An all-you-can-eat buffet while conquering your fears at Night of the Living Fed during HalloWeekends!
38. Chickie's & Pete's Crab Fries!
39. Coaster-themed ice cream flavors at Toft's!
40. Create a different Coke Freestyle flavor each time you visit!
41. All the sweets you can handle.
42. Do you like apples? How about smothered in caramel? Sweet Spot has the right treat to satisy your sweet tooth!
43. Famous Daves BBQ - Mmm…. 10% off, for all Passholders!
44. Our famous fresh-cut fries whenever you want at 3 different locations throughout the park!
45. Funnel Cake (enough said)!
46. Have a Rougabrew or Valravn-themed beer at Trail Tavern to unwind!
47. Never be thirsty with a Refillable Souvenir Bottle…enjoy your favorite Coke products all season!
48. NEW IN 2017!  The all-new Season Pass Drink Plan, optional for purchase, available exclusively for all Season Passholders. Guests with a 2017 Season or Platinum Pass have the option of choosing a refillable drink bottle or a disposable cup for unlimited fountain drinks all summer.
49. Only Season Passholders can purchase All Season Dining!
50. Season Passholders enjoy 10% off wings, burgers and more at Quaker Steak & Lube!
51. Waterfront fine dining at Bay Harbor - Season Passholder discount available!

Only Cedar Point

52. The C.P. & L.E. Railroad; it's been chugging its way around the Cedar Point Peninsula for nearly 50 years!
53. The famous, one-of-a-kind, mouth-watering salt water taffy, only available at the park!
54. Almost 150 years of history, the second-oldest amusement park in North America!
55. The Cedar Point Beach, a mile-long paradise where Lake Erie meets sand, all just steps from Hotel Breakers!
56. NEW IN 2017! Back by popular demand, guests can combine the real-life thrills of a Cedar Point coaster favorite with the imaginary virtual world on Iron Dragon: Virtual Reality.
57. NEW IN 2017! On the Frontier Trail, a towering and terrifying favorite makes a fresh debut in 2017. Formerly known as Ripcord, Professor Delbert's Frontier Fling gives a thrilling ride while providing views of the park and Lake Erie.
58. S-E-V-E-N-T-E-E-N! 17! 17! 17 world-class roller coasters!!!

Perks & Privileges

59. Be among the first to experience Cedar Point Shores Water Park at the Passholder Preview Night on May 26!
60. 10% off your stay at any Cedar Point hotel, including the newly redesigned Hotel Breakers!
61. 10% off for all Season Passholders on food and beverage purchases inside the park!
62. Season Passholder Appreciation Days! Bring-a-Friend specials, ride nights and unique discounts!
63. Be the first to hear Cedar Point news with the exclusive Connections newsletter!
64. Bring your friends to the park with discounted ticket offers!
65. Budget friendly low monthly payments options!
66. Bypass the ticket window lines and walk right thru the turnstiles!
67. ONLY Passholders can reserve their seat on the last trains of the season at Last Rides on Sunday October 29. 
68. Early Entry into Cedar Point Shores for Platinum Passholders to claim your chair!
69. Early Entry into the park every day for Platinum Passholders, which means dives on Valravn before the general public!
70. Exclusive Ride Nights JUST for Platinum Passholders!
71. FREE entry into any other Cedar Fair park with your Platinum Pass!
72. FREE entry into Dinosaurs Alive! for Platinum Passholders- rrroooaarrrr!
73. FREE parking each time you visit, only for Platinum Passholders!
74. HAUNT at HalloWeekends - you get to come as much as you want!
75. In just three exciting visits, your pass pays for itself!
76. NEW IN 2017! Cool off at Cedar Point Shores on select Sundays throughout the summer with $1 ice cream sundaes at Sundaes & Slides.
77. Only Season Passholders have access to all-season FunPix to collect ride photos, selfies and memories!
78. Platinum Passholders receive entry to fun events like Dive-in Movies at Cedar Point Shores!
79. Season Passholders save 10% on merchandise in our Cedar Point shops!
80. Season Passholders who renew their passes get discounted pricing!
81. Stay for a few hours or stay all day - flexibility is your choice with a Season Pass!
82. Store your Platinum Pass on the Cedar Point mobile app to easily enter the park!
83. Access additional special offers on the online Passholder Portal like a discount on a ferry ride to Put-in-Bay!
84. Visit as often as you like with unlimited access to the park all season long!
85. Discounted tickets to Brew & BBQ!
86. Parkwide Wi-Fi to connect whenever you want - score!!!

Signature Events

87. Discounts on special park events like Run & Ride and Pointfest!
88. Be amazed by fireworks on the 4th of July at Light Up the Point!
89. Close out the summer with us at Last Blast of Summer and devour your favorite local fare from Ohio or Michigan at our Food Truck Festival.
90. Clambakes, neon glow features, a live DJ, movies on the beach and more. Stay up late with us for Cedar Point Nights!
91. Season Passholders can unlock special access at Brew & BBQ like exclusive beers from The Brew Kettle.
92. Enjoy delicious BBQ and tasty brews at Brew and BBQ on Weekends and Memorial Day in May and June!

Water Fun

93. NEW IN 2017! After riding the coasters, cool off at Cedar Point Shores, FREE with your Platinum Pass!
94. Summertime beachy grooves by the always delightful Toes in the Sand Band!
95. NEW IN 2017! Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Breakwater Bay wave pool as you enjoy a cold beverage at the new Schooner's Bayside Bar!
96. Bring your boat! Platinum Passholders receive a special discount to dock at Cedar Point!
97. NEW IN 2017! Splash around on Lakeslide Landing, the all-new family splashground that features 12 kid-sized slides that provide mini water thrills while the parents can relax under huge shade structures and an oversized sun deck.
98. Kicking back and relaxing in the Cedar Point Shores lazy river, Cedar Creek!
99. NEW IN 2017! Point Plummet drops you down a near-vertical free fall after the floor drops out from underneath your feet on four massive six-story aqua-drop body slides. 
100. Riding a jet ski or sailing high above Lake Erie! Enjoy a discount at North Coast Parasail and Jet Ski

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#CP100Reasons Cooling off while catching one of the many live shows!
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@cedarpoint #CP100Reasons Getting in the park one hour early and riding #MillenniumForce. Second favorite is riding #CP&LERR.
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