Our Little Heroes

Cedar Point is proud to support Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital and share the inspirational stories of some of their extraordinary young patients.

Jamie Bradford

Jaime Bradford

Shortly after Kathy and Dale Bradford adopted Jaime and her sister Jessie from Russia as toddlers in 1997, they learned that Jaime had heart trouble. Doctors discovered an open hole, called patent ductus arteriosis (PDA), in her heart. Two weeks later, little Jaime had surgery to repair the hole, and everything seemed fine.

Jose Dybzinski

“Courage means going through hard things and showing you’re not scared and that you can do it,” says 15-year-old José Dybzinski. “It’s not easy.”

Gabe Boylan

Gabe Boylan has curly dark brown hair and a warm smile that matches her bubbly personality. Now an active 19-year-old, Gabe came to this country from Russia at 10 months old, weighing only 10 pounds.