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Town Hall Auction

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Town Hall Auction

Tony Clark

Director of Communications

Welcome to the "Journey to #CP150." 

With the 2019 season in the books, our focus is now on 2020.

While it includes the traditional things you'd expect (park improvements, meetings, general prep for the season), with the anniversary, it's a bit more complicated.

More will be revealed at a later date, but we've already announced a renovation to our Town Hall Museum in Frontier Town. 

Over the years, Town Hall has mostly been a showcase for classic Americana.

There have definitely been pieces of our history, but it hasn't been totally focused on it. 

With that said, the first phase of the transformation is to remove all of the artifacts and displays.

Anything specifically related to Cedar Point is of course being kept. 

But there were many old machines, clocks and gaming devices that will not remain. 

And you have a chance to own some of these pieces.

We've partnered with Gray's Auctioneers to make these available for bidding, whether you're a collector or an enthusiast.

One of the biggest pieces is this fire engine, which dates back to 1904. You may remember this piece in the back of Town Hall - and it will be available for bidding.

And if you remember wandering up the stairs to look behind the glass case, you would have seen classic toy trains on display. Those are available, too!

That's just a small sliver of what will be available at auction on November 18. 

With a few weeks to go, you can check out the full catalog of items on Gray's website and see the details of the location/timing of the auction.

And over here at the park, I wanted to share a few photos of what Town Hall looks like today. 

It's pretty weird seeing this place with nothing in it. 

But then again, it means there's a blank canvas to work with. And wait until you see what we're doing with it.

I know you want to know when we're going to share this and many other details on 2020 - that will come very soon, so stay tuned.

I promise you, there's a lot in store. And I think you'll be pretty happy with what we're doing. Just 193 days to go!

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Tony Clark

Director of Communications

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