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Cedar Point Souvenirs for All Styles

Cedar Point announces important updates regarding the rest of the 2020 Season. Learn More.

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Cedar Point Souvenirs for All Styles

Dominique Pelz

Social Media Intern

What’s a trip to Cedar Point without some souvenirs? They’re a great way to commemorate your visit and provide some much-needed nostalgia once you make it back home. Luckily, we have a ton of awesome, new merchandise to choose from this season!

Front and center in Point Plaza is the new 150th display. Navy blue, gold, and white round out the theme with everything from sweatshirts to shot glasses to keychains available for purchase. The intention this season was to commemorate this milestone and allow you to take some nostalgia home with you. For many people, coming to Cedar Point brings back a flood of incredible memories and a main goal was to convey that feeling through this season’s offerings. Although there is a lot of 150th anniversary merchandise available right now, some limited-edition merchandise won’t be available until next year such as collector’s coins and buttons involved in the button trading program.

Merchandise from the MV Sports 150th anniversary collection pictured below has already jumped out as best-sellers this season; it seems that everyone wants to be part of the celebration. However, don’t worry if you’re not able to make it to the park this season, there will be 150th anniversary merchandise available in 2021 as well!


If you’re looking to learn more about Cedar Point’s rich history and the 150th anniversary, you’re in luck! There are two 150th anniversary books available for sale in our gift shops that are filled with countless facts, photos, and memories over the years. Cedar Point 150th Anniversary: The Fun is Just Beginning! is a limited edition 156-page photo book featuring over 300 images of the park through its amazing history. This book retails for $49.99 in Point Plaza.

Additionally, Rolling Through the Years: A Cedar Point Atlas and Chronology by Ken Miller is 396 pages of Cedar Point’s development and changes since its opening in 1870. You can pick this hardcover version up for $100 in Point Plaza and Pagoda.


In addition to brand new offerings this season, we’ve also introduced new options for previous best-sellers. For example, this fun paisley print design now comes in a variety of different colors on shirts, sweatshirts, hats, mugs and so much more!


Aside from Cedar Point’s 150th anniversary, 2020 is a special year on its own! You’ll always remember this year’s visit to Cedar Point when you purchase a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or snow globe from our 2020 collection at Pagoda and Point Plaza.


If you’re looking for a blast from the past, Pagoda has an entire section of the store dedicated to Cedar Point’s partnership with Homage, a company specializing in retro and vintage apparel. This collection showcases current and retired rides (peep the Mantis and Mean Streak shirts) as well as general Cedar Point designs that will help you make a statement both inside and outside of the park.

Additionally, you’ll see many vintage-inspired pieces in Point Plaza, including this olive-green Cedar Point sweatshirt that comes in a variety of colors and these simple but unique patch designs available on a variety of items for men, women, and children.


The stores also offer some amazing deals that make it easy to snag Cedar Point gear for the entire family or match outfits with your BFFs. Check out some of the special offers below.

With so many options to choose from this season, you should have no problem showing off your Cedar Point spirit wherever you go. Be sure to grab some of this new merchandise the next time you’re in the park!

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Dominique Pelz

Social Media Intern

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