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The Weekend of Freebies

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Saturday, July 6th, 2013

We hope you and your family are enjoying a wonderful 4th of July weekend. The weather's been extremely bizarre lately, especially here at the park.

If you follow us on the Instagram, you probably caught my interpretation of the weird rain. But if you don't follow us on the Instagram, you should - cuz it's got video and stuff. 

OK, fine. I'll just link right to it:


On to the park stuff. All this weekend, during my Tweetups, we're giving away special swag courtesy of our partners at John Deere and Johnsonville.

During the Tweetup, you grab an envelope at random and you could win anything from line skippies to free Challenge Park coupons to portable gas and charcoal grills, oven mitts, backpacks, drawstring bags, umbrellas (how fitting) and more.

So through tomorrow, there are "extra" prizes up for grabs. Then we go back to the old "boring" front-of-the-line passes. Did you catch that? I purposely typed that they were boring to see if you were still paying attention. There's nothing boring about them! They're ah-mazing.

RANDOM THOUGHT: GateKeeper's line is shorter in the evening. Don't run to it in the morning. Everyone does. Now you're an insider and one of the cool kids.

Not-so-random: I'm working on something very special. All will be revealed in a few weeks, but I wanted to take this opportunity to do something we do best. Tease you a little. No, you cannot pay me for the answer. Although, I did debate whether or not an elephant ear could be considered appropriate bartering...


Here it is:


But what is it? We'll clear all that up very soon. I'm excited. You should be, too!


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