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The "Mysterious" Oval

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Friday, March 15th, 2013

First things first. I know many of you have questions about GateKeeper and our upcoming season and have posted your questions here on the blog (they don't appear until we've activated them).

We're working on a way that I can respond directly to your questions as they come in. But till then, I'll try to give you as much info as I have.

Right now, there's one little dot to the left of GateKeeper's station that everyone's asking about. That pesky oval. Is it pesky? "Pesky" is a weird word when you look at it and say it over and over again. Try it.

Anyway, this is the "thing" in question:

The Oval

Here's what it's not: Revenge of Space Spiral or Space Spiral: The Revival or Space Spiral Too.

But...plants will go in there. And there's more. Tomorrow, I'll show you some things that will give you a clearer "vision" of what this is and what it will become.

Pesky. Pesky. Pesky.

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