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Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

We're quite literally "burning the midnight oil" at the Point. It's crunch time. We're down to the wire. We're getting our game faces on (do the employees in our Games Department have a "game face" on all year?). 

GateKeeper continues to test and she's poised to be ready and waiting for you on Opening Day, which, by the way, is a little over a week away. Holy cow. 

Hey winter - it's been real, but you gotsta go!

Let's go up front, shall we?

The new Guest Services has expanded room to serve you better when you arrive at the park (should you need our services):

The main entrance is now wider and designed for better traffic flow. Those pedestals will soon hold our equipment to scan you in.

Landscaping is going in everywhere, including the new planter where the Cedar Point logo sign will go:

I've told people this before - pictures do not do this justice. You HAVE to stand here to see and feel the Amazement. Park. See what I did there?

In the plaza between the parking lot and the entrance area, new signage and gardens now greet you. Feel free to have a seat here while you wait for your party. Or group. Or Aunt Stephanie. Or Mr. Connor:

The Season Pass building is stunning. You'll walk up to these windows:

Then step around into the building where a new, streamlined set up will help you process your pass faster:

I really wanted to show you the new digital sign across the front gate, but it's not quite ready. I'm actually responsible for putting stuff up there, so I'm anxious to see it!

Finally, our new ticket windows will help not only those wanting to get tickets the day of the visit, but they'll also be customizable to help our larger groups get their tickets as well. Automatic ticket kiosks on the far left are also new:

Things are looking great! Oh, and we're moving the cams slowly, but surely. The PagodaCam is now up, but still needs some aiming and tweaking to make it look purrdy. We'll be doing that next week sometime. 

More exciting news is coming to the blog - so check back for more updates! 

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