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Saturday, August 31st, 2013

We've collected your questions and have compiled this list of answers. I'm sure more questions will come up, and we'll answer those the best we can as they happen.

So, here we go.

Sam A. asks, "Will anything be removed for the 2014 projects that wasnt said in the video?"

Yes. The two Hampton circular rides and the bumper boats will be removed. We do have similar circular rides elsewhere in the park.

Jeremy M. asks, "It 'appears' on the rendering, that some type of new restaurant is going in the new updated area as well. Has it been decided what that will be, yet? Thanks."

Good question. What is that mysterious patio and food outlet on the lower left? As of this blog post, it's not finalized. We are currently working on what that will be. Once that's final, I'll let you all know.

Chris H. asks, "Will Jr. Gemini get repainted (train included) with the move of the entrance and new name? If so what colors?"

To my knowledge, Wilderness Run will receive new paint. Not sure on the train yet. 

Dave Z. asks, "With regards to the Breakers renovations. Does this include the pool areas and beach at all or is it mainly the outer structure."

We do have plans for the beach side of the hotel. However, those are being finalized, since that portion won't begin until winter 2014-15. This is a huge project. So in the first winter, on the exterior, we're focusing on everything but the rotunda and park-side entrance. The next winter, we'll focus on the rotunda and park-side entrance, as well as the beach side area of the rotunda AND interior spaces (including rooms).

Matthew B. asks, "What will the height limit be for both of the rides?"

We are currently working to confirm those. 

Chad P. asks, "I see that there's lights on the Gemini Midway, is that true.. will they be on at night."

The entire midway will receive lighting and audio enhancements. But what's on the drawing is currently the plan. Of course, those can change, but it's pretty much a guarantee that the atmosphere will be more pleasant!

Trent C. asks, "Will the black top be replaced?"

We're actually going to keep it. The radiating heat actually increases tan time by 50%! ;) We're not keeping it.

Kyle asks, "Will loli swings get a makeover as well? In the concept art it appears to have a Charlie Brown and baseball theme."

You caught that, didn't you? At this point, it's just a proposal, but nothing is confirmed here.

Steve Z. asks, "I was wondering if you guys were going to count Pipe Scream as a coaster. since of course the name of the ride is a Disk'o Coaster."

Ahh yes - the question of the ages. What do you guys think? :)

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