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Thursday, April 18th, 2013

 Meet Bob S. (He's on the right.)

We have a winner!

Bob was the lucky winner in Colleen's GateKeeper trivia contest a while back. Just recently, he got a private tour of the GateKeeper construction site (and a guest spot on our blog). 

Since we normally do all the talking, this is a nice treat! We should do this more often (the guest blogger thing - not the construction tour...cuz GateKeeper will be done already and there will be no more constructing...of that ride. I'm rambling).

So here it is in his own words:

How do you know your a coaster enthusiast? When you drive almost 4 hours to Cedar Point, in the offseason, in the cold to see a ride that no one has been on yet and you leave the park with no rides under your belt…but that is just what the five of us did.

Like most coaster enthusiasts, I have been watching Gatekeeper rise to define a new skyline at Cedar Point. And in four words, this ride looks awesome. When you step away from the web cameras and really walk around the job site you can see how well this ride was designed to fit in the front of the park. The Gatekeeper plaza with the new awnings, the entrance to the ride and the queue line along the beach is really going to be amazing. Plus the new front gate looks perfect with the keyholes and all of its new updates.

Now, we didn't get to see Gatekeeper run while we were there but the third train was on the track and I heard rumors of a two train test cycle were planned for later in the day.

I would like to thank Colleen, Eric, and everyone else at CP who took the time to take us around in the cold and answer our questions. I know my kids had a great experience that they will never forget and so did I.


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