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Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Two things.

1) Monster isn't going anywhere. She crept off the midway for a little winter checkup AND a shiny new coat of paint. More on that later.

2) Why aren't you following me on Twitter? You get even more behind-the-scenes fun and updates. Like this: The PointCast Minute. It's all-new. It's 60 seconds. It's a fun way to show off whatever it is we want to show off. 

While not in-depth like our usual PointCast, it gives us more opportunity to share video with you in snippets. A few names we tossed around: PointCast Lite; PointCast Air; PointCast Whipped; PointCast Mini; PointCast Nano. 

We'll stick with the PointCast Minute.

Here's the first one. Enjoy.


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