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Sunday, October 6th, 2013

This is one of those behind-the-scenes moments.

Although our test kitchen is functioning all the time, we are sometimes invited to get a rare peek at the crazy stuff our chef Paul is coming up with.

He called me this morning and said, "you have to come over here and try this."

Um, ok! 

So here he is, testing something.

Deep fried ANYTHING is usually pretty good. So I knew we were off to a good start.

Turns out, yesterday, he shared with some of us a sample of peanut butter & chocolate fudge, made right here in our kitchens (you'll see that in an upcoming blog post).

So I said to him, "why don't you slap some batter on that and deep fry it?"

I thought nothing of it. Until this morning. And oh. My. God.

That, my friends, is a deep-fried cube of fresh Cedar Point peanut butter & chocolate fudge.


Words cannot describe the awesomeness.

Will we sell it? We don't know yet. There's some perfecting to do.

One thing's for sure - I'll be taking 2 laps around the park today to compensate for the privilege of taste-testing. ;)

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