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Monday, January 20th, 2014

This past Saturday, I had the great privilege of hanging out with members of the American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) at their annual No Coaster Con event in Chicago. 

It's a gathering of ACE members, friends and fellow theme park colleagues from around the country. I met many new friends and got to catch up with folks from Kennywood, Dollywood, Knoebel's, Schlitterbahn, Kings Island, Six Flags Great America and Kings Dominion.

It's not often that we're all in the same place together - but an event like this reminds me of how much I (we) love this industry. So much passion and joy. Glad to be a part of it.

The big news is that I announced a few events that I think you should know about. So, here's the breakdown.

All events are subject to change without notice. Please be sure to read the participant requirements, as they are slightly different for each event.

THE MILLENNIUM WALKBACK - Saturdays & Sundays, starting Sunday, May 11

NOTE: This event is open to members of officially recognized roller coaster clubs only. Every participant MUST show their membership card to be admitted. For the complete list of recognized clubs, click here.

Want to REALLY be the first to ride the "Best Steel Roller Coaster in the World" every weekend?

Here's how it works. You'll meet us at the Marina Gate 10 minutes prior to Early Entry (8:50 a.m. on most days). If you meet us at 8:51, you're already late. The party leaves at 8:50 every morning, so make your plans to get there early! 

We'll walk you back to Millennium Force where you'll have the first ride of the day. And after you're done, you'll enjoy EARLY ENTRY from 9-10 a.m.

Remember, this begins on Sunday, May 11 - NOT on opening day. Park admission required.

WINTER CHILL OUT, presented by PointBuzz - Saturday, February 22

NOTE: This event is open to anyone.

This event is an off-season look at what happens here at Cedar Point in the winter. You'll be treated to a tour of the park and our maintenance facilities. You'll also get to meet our new VP & General Manager Jason McClure during a Q&A session - feel free to "grill" him with the big questions. And we'll also feed you. 

The best part? The proceeds from this event go directly to Give Kids The World. Please read up on what they're doing for children with life-threatening illnesses and their  families. It's remarkable and we're happy to partner with them.

There's also a special Castaway Bay rate for those attending the tour. Details will be sent to you once you register for the event.

Cost of this event is $40 and includes everything mentioned above. You must purchase a ticket and register for this event. To do so, please click here.


NOTE: This event is open to members of officially recognized roller coaster clubs only. Every attendee MUST be a member of a recognized coaster club. For the complete list of accepted clubs, click here.

When we open new attractions, we give members of the media a chance to come experience them first so they can tell viewers and readers what they can expect when they visit. But we need more people at the party! 

The schedule is still being finalized, but we'll have more details soon. This event is FREE; park admission not required.

COASTERMANIA! - Friday, June 6

NOTE: This event is open to members of officially recognized coaster clubs only. However, each member is permitted to bring (1) guest who is not a member of an official coaster club. For the complete list of accepted clubs, click here.

It's our annual celebration of all things coasters! Wake up with exclusive ride time on some of your favorites. Then, join us for a luncheon filled with food, fun and a few surprises. Even more exclusive ride time is planned when the park closes. 

We're still planning the day's activities, but we need your help. Give us your feedback and tell us what YOU want to ride at CoasterMania! After all, it's YOUR event! 

See the CoasterMania! page to fill out the survey. The event activities are FREE; park admission required.

COASTER CAMPOUT - Friday, July 18

NOTE: At least one member of your camping party MUST be a member of a recognized coaster club and must be the person that registers for this event. For the complete list of accepted clubs, click here.

Ever wonder what it's like to sleep INSIDE the park when it's closed? Now's your chance! It's the first time we've done it - and here's how it works: we'll set aside grassy areas for you to set up your tent. Then, join us for exclusive ride time in the evening of the 18th on a few of your favorites. Sleep in your tent overnight. Then, we wake you up with MORE exclusive ride time on the morning of the 19th! 

Once you pack up your tent, you're welcome to enjoy the rest of the day at the park.

Registration will open on Wednesday, February 5 and we'll have a full itinerary then (I'll remind you when it's time). A special hotel rate will be provided for those who do not want to camp in the park, but would still like to attend.

The event activities are FREE; park admission required. 

So there you have it. Lots to talk about and lots to do. Keep checking back or follow me on Twitter for the latest updates.

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