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Saturday, June 29th, 2013

Every now and then, we'll give the keys to one of our employees so you can learn a little bit more about them and what they do! We ask them a few questions and they answer, in their own words.

This week, we turn things over to Mitchell. 

My name is Mitchell Wells. I've worked here 2 seasons and I'm an Admissions Host cashier in Group Sales.

My daily resposibilities consist of selling tickets to large groups that visit Cedar Point and meeting with my supervisors to see if there is anything special going on in the park on a day to day basis.

I came to work at Cedar Point because it has always been a dream job for me. Ever since I was a little kid being around fairs and festivals I have always wanted to experience what they do and how they get to interact with everyone they encounter every day. My dad and his cousins worked in carnivals and I always thought it would be fun to work in that kind of atmosphere and thats why I chose Cedar Point.

In my spare time I love to ride rides with friends, meet new people and explore the surrounding areas.

I think guests should know that even though it is a really fun place to be it is hard work and that we always want to put a smile on their face the moment they walk through the gate. It is a really fun and entertaining job and I would want everyone to experience what I do everyday.

Some fun stories that I hear from guests are that when they were little and they came to Cedar Point that none of what you see now was here when they were little... it is a great thing to hear all of the exciting stories from guests and their families when they come up to my window in the morning.

I really dont have any favorite bands - I really love all types of music.

I am hoping to go to school at the University of Toledo sometime in the coming future and study video broadcasting.

I tell people to give working here a shot and to make the best of it because it is really a great experience to be able to say, "Hey I've worked there and am proud of working there." There is nothing really to be nervous about but when you come on your first day, all of those fears and worries go away the second you walk through the gate.

My favorite ride at Cedar Point would have to be the Mean Streak. Even though it is old, I still love it every time I get on it.

My big plans for the summer are to be able to meet more new people and to travel to different landmarks in the U.S.

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