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Gemini Midway Update

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Monday, February 3rd, 2014

I'm going to start today's post with a haiku. 

See the winter snow
blanketing the great midway.
Um, where do we dig?

Clearly, I'm not a poet. But seriously - how do they know where to dig and where everything "goes" once the entire ground is covered in snow?

This is why I work in marketing and not construction. The answer is probably painfully obvious.

What isn't obvious is where we're at in the process of bringing the Gemini Midway to life.

So the basics: the foundations are poured and we're doing some facade work to the merch/food building next to Pipe Scream. You'll hear more about what's going in there very soon. I promise.

Here are a few photos from the area:

Also of note, the Monster's paint refresh is coming along nicely and is in process. Remember, there will be different colors - this one just happens to be the orange one. So shiny!

Want to see some of this stuff up close and in person? Want to also help out a great cause? Then donate and sign up for our Winter Chill Out on Saturday, February 22 - an event that benefits Give Kids the World!

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