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GateKeeper Mini

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Saturday, April 13th, 2013

Back when we introduced Maverick, I was introduced to the amazing talents of Paul B. from Painesville, OH. 

He had built his own version of Maverick with coaster model kits from the awesome guys at CoasterDynamix. While they didn't have a 'Maverick' model, Paul took their various kits and customized his own.

Today, he updated me on his current project: GateKeeper.

GateKeeper Mini

Paul's been working on this project since December. Right now, it appears trackwork is complete and paint is coming soon.

GateKeeper Mini

Most of this model is custom, including the winged trains that Paul had to engineer on his own:

GateKeeper Mini

I wonder if he did any testing to make sure his train "threaded the needle" correctly. ;)

GateKeeper Mini

Excellent work, Paul! We're looking forward to the finished product, which he says includes the main entrance and other elements.

Perhaps there will be a POV? :)

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