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Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

First, hello!

Second, we're busy planning and finalizing our annual HalloWeekends event, including launching our website soon. So hang tight. In the meantime, if you haven't seen it, check out this video teaser for the new Zombie High School haunted house.

We're retiring Club Blood at the front of the park. I mean, zombies are "in" right now anyway, right?

In other news, one of the park's biggest fans, "Mean Streak Henry," as he's known to our staff, made a special milestone on his favorite coaster this morning: his 10,000th ride.

Yes. Ten. Thousandth. Ride. On. Mean. Streak. (That was too many periods, I know.) Oops! There's another one. And another...nevermind.

So, congrats, Henry! And Ride On till you hit a million. ;)

And finally, we experienced a special treat and an interesting story in GM John's staff meeting yesterday.

Park guest Dante sent us something unique. After his grandmother passed away, he was sorting through her belongings and came across this:

It's a park brochure, circa 1911. All of it is unique, of course, but here's the fun part - Dante is a collector himself. And after doing some research on this find, he did see that a few of them were being sold on eBay, but in not-so-good condition.

The one he had on his hands was mint. And it still is. No pages ripped, no stains, no nothing. From 1911!!

It survived almost a century of storage. We figure that his grandmother tucked it away and it never saw the light of day until 2011, when Dante went through her things.

The inside is a collection of photographs and a bit of text describing the property as it was back then. But the real fun is towards the back of the book, where pricing from that time is displayed.

I'll let you examine that page:

A maximum of $18 for a week-long stay! Crazy!

Thanks to Dante, this piece of Cedar Point history has been donated to us to display for you, as he wanted it returned to his proper home. 

America's Roller Coast really has evolved over the years, hasn't it?

I don't have an exact date or place this will be on display, but I'll pass that info on when I find out so you can see it (likely in the Town Hall Museum in Frontiertown).


I've met Mean Streak Henry many times while riding Mean Streak. He is really awesome! That's an awesome fine on Cedar Point's history!

- Brad K.
Tuesday, August 13, 2013 at 5:22 PM

A BIG thank you to Dante for the generous donation. It was probably hard to parts with something so close to the family, but it will be a tribute to the Grandmother for years to come, and also helps preserves a piece of Cedar Point history.

- Alan Filip
Thursday, August 15, 2013 at 2:29 PM


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