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Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

The statisticians have done their work.

While you probably don't think about it when you're here, the amount of "stuff" that's brought out onto the midways and haunted houses is staggering.

So, why not look at a few fun facts? You can impress your friends with non-scientific quizzes!

Zombie High School
  • There's a total of 3,200 props in the house.
  • Almost everything is real - lockers, school desks, books, kitchen and A/V equipment.
  • There are 140 jocks. Haven't been through? I won't give this one away.
  • The flickering lights were custom-designed for our maze
The Front Gate

The pumpkins atop our new entrance were custom made for Cedar Point. The tallest one in the center is 8 FEET TALL. They're also lit from inside.

Makeup & Monsters
  • We have 25 makeup artists that transform our cast of characters each night.
  • There are a total of around 400 characters on the midways, scare zones and haunted houses.
The Produce
  • There are 28,800 individual cornstalks in the park.
  • In CornStalkers alone, there are 50,400!
  • You'll find 1,735 bundles of straw on the midway.
  • Pumpkins and gourds? How about 23,000 lbs of them!
  • We have 850 pots of mums.

Special Effects
  • Nearly 150 foggers dot the landscape.
  • 3,000 gallons of fog are used.
  • There's 1,000 lights installed throughout the park (200 alone on the Skeleton Crew stage).
  • 20 technicians making sure everything is on and working.
That's a lot of stuff. But it's the stuff that turns America's Roller Coast into America's Spooky Roller Coast. Ride On!

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