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Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Tweetup? What's a Tweetup? And how can I get in on all that?

The Tweetup is something of a corny term. I personally don't like it. But, being that I use Twitter to do it, I suppose I have to go with what everyone calls it. Unless you have a better idea. I love ideas. So tell me!

This story begins with a train full of happy Maverick riders:

They're not just happy because they're riding one of the best coasters in the world, they're happy because they didn't wait in line to ride it.

Why? That "Tweetup" thing again.

A Tweetup is when a bunch of Twitter peeps (Tweeps) get together at a designated time. Then, anything can happen. 

So if you follow me on Twitter, and I invite y'all to a Tweetup while you're in the park, who knows what you'll get. For this crew, it was no waiting on Maverick. Not too shabby, my friend.

But there's more coming. Including Twitter scavenger hunts. Just a little something extra while you're here to thank you for keeping track of us on "the Twitter." You can follow the park (@cedarpoint) and me (@TonyClarkCP) for all the details.

Now, in response to some of your ideas for the blog, here are a few we're working on. I decided, at this particular time, we will not work on that 700-foot-tall, double barrel roll, anti-gravity, world-record-breaking, mega-looping, steel woodie. It's just not happening.

BUT...these we CAN do:
  • Staff features (We already have one lined up)
  • More PointCasts (Yes!)
  • What happens after the park closes? (This will be a long day for us, but it will totally be worth it)
  • What's new in 2014 (Nice try)
  • Where's Tyler? (He now works on our Accommodations team)
  • What's new in the park? 
  • Where's that live cam? (Installed, but not yet configured. It takes a Village, People - see what I did there?)
  • Luminosity 2013 (Already on it!)
  • What's Kings Island getting next year? (I know, but if I told you....)
  • Behind-the-rides segments (what it takes to get a ride up and running for the day)
So, things are pretty busy here at the ol' fortress of FUN. Rest assured, we're working on bringing you more stuff. So sit tight!

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